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Re: CFP: ReArch'08 : Re-Architecting the Internet, Madrid, Spain, December 9th, 2008

ReArch'08 - Re-Architecting the Internet
"Exploring what is broken with the Internet architecture
and how to fix it."

co-located with ACM CoNEXT'2008 sponsored by ACM Sigcomm

Madrid, Spain, December 9th, 2008

       *Submission deadline EXTENDED : August 26th, 2008*
        Submission closes midnight, EDT.

Please note: if you are still planning to submit,
please register your title and abstract **as soon as possible**.


The Internet architecture has been remarkably successful in
allowing a planet-scale internetwork to form. However, this
architecture is losing its original simplicity and
transparency as new classes of applications, operational and
management requirements, business models, security mechanisms
and scalability enablers give rise to point solutions that
extend the architecture without regard to the original design

While these mechanisms are necessary for Internet operation
under current economical, technical and social conditions,
their combination has significantly reduced the potential for
incremental evolution of the Internet architecture. This loss
of flexibility is already being felt as the number of Internet
nodes grows by another order of magnitude.

Several substantial Future Internet initiatives have started
in Europe, the US and Asia, and the vendor and network
operator communities are also actively discussing the
limitations of the current Internet architecture as well as
its potential evolution.

This workshop will discuss what the real underlying problems
are with the Internet and how we might fix them so that the
Internet architecture re-gains its simplicity and
transparency and is fit for another 30+ years, so that the
architectural simplicity and clarity of the Internet can be
regained and retained for another 30+ years.

This workshop solicits original, high-quality papers that
analyze, and discuss ideas for a new Internet architecture,
including specific improvements to current Internet protocols,
especially at the internetworking, transport and application
layers, new internetworking components that integrate into
the existing architecture and ideas for clean-slate
internetworking architectures.


ReArch'08 covers all aspects related to the current and future
Internet architecture including, but not limited to, how the
following impact on that architecture:

New networking paradigms
New business models
New routing architectures
New traffic engineering and congestion control mechanisms
Measurements and analysis that characterize the real
architectural limitations
New architecture proposals and their implications for
New protocols that address the limitations
Studies of interactions between stakeholders of the
Internet and the architecture itself
Design principles and interfaces to accommodate the
conflicting interests of stakeholders in the architecture
Principles of evolving future architectures
Requirements for interworking with the existing Internet,
and for deployability.

Papers that present interesting, fresh ideas at an early stage
are more suitable for this workshop than highly polished results
or incremental refinements of previous work. Submissions may
include position papers that point out new directions and
stimulate discussion; position papers should be clearly marked.
Submissions must be original and not already published in any
other conference proceedings or journal. Proceedings of the
workshop will be published in the ACM Digital Library.


Submitted papers must be at most 6 pages long (including figures,
tables, references, etc.) in the standard ACM double column format.
All text must use font sizes of 10 points or larger. Longer
submissions will not be reviewed. The review process is single-blind.
Submissions will be done via EDAS.

Submission Deadline: 27 August 2008
Notification: 10 October 2008

Workshop Co-Chairs
Olivier Bonaventure - UCLouvain
Marcelo Bagnulo - UC3M
Joe Touch - USC/ISI

Technical Program Committee

Mark Allman ICSI
Jari Arkko Ericsson
Bob Briscoe BT Group
Ken Calvert University of Kentucky
Brian Carpenter University of Auckland
Maoke Chen Tsinghua University
Kenjiro Cho IIJ
Jon Crowcroft University of Cambridge
Philip Eardley BT Group
Lars Eggert Nokia Research Center
Kevin Fall Intel Research
Pierre Francois UCLouvain
Robert Hancock Roke Manor Research
Mark Handley University College London
Christian Huitema Microsoft
Daniel Massey Colorado State University
Martin May ETH Zurich
Pekka Nikander Ericsson Research Nomadiclab
Craig Partridge BBN Technologies
Peter Steenkiste Carnegie Mellon University
Iljitsch van Beijnum IMDEA Metworks
Tilman Wolf University of Massachusetts