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GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovations) news on 01.01.2009

Friends and colleagues,

Happy New Year from the GENI Project Office!

It?s a busy and creative time in the GENI community - projects
are really starting to pick up speed, and a lot of interesting
collaboration is going on. In our ongoing discussions with prototyping
teams, we?re starting to see some exciting results and expect to see
truly remarkable team demos at the upcoming GENI Engineering
Conference (GEC).

1. Important News about the Upcoming GEC

* Be sure to attend GEC 4's first day ? March 31, 2009. See below.

* We continue to experiment with the best format for GECs, and have
thoroughly revamped the upcoming meeting in response to an excellent
suggestion from Jon Turner. These changes may affect your travel
plans, so please read carefully.

* GEC 4 will be in Miami from March 31 - April 2; we'll post specifics
soon. Its first day, March 31, is something completely new. It
consists of cluster breakout meetings from 1 - 5 PM, followed by the
cluster demonstrations and social event that evening. The breakout
meetings will give each control-framework cluster a chance to perform
final integrations, trial runs, etc., before the integrated
demonstrations in the evening.

* Integrated demos - We think the evening demonstrations will be
tremendous fun, and in some cases, wildly impressive. Each
control-framework cluster will present its own, integrated demo in a
spirit of friendly competition with the others. Of course there will
also be refreshments and a chance to mingle, read posters, chat,
scheme, etc. You really will not want to miss this event, so if you
are part of a cluster be sure to arrive by 1 PM on March 31 to get ready.

The remainder of the GEC will be divided between additional time for
each cluster to meet as a group (after recovering from the demo), and
working group meetings. In short, we are revamping the GEC to give
significant opportunities for clusters to meet face-to-face so they
can sort out plans, integration issues, etc. And best of all, we've
trimmed the overall length of the GEC so you can get home quicker as well.

2. Comprehensive Project Info

GPO system engineers have now established detailed documentation for
each GENI Spiral 1 project on the wiki. Check out:


There is contact and summary information for each project, as well as
quarterly status reports and a complete list of the project's
deliverables (with timeline and dates). Everything is fully visible to
all. Definitely fun to browse, and it?s all maintained through the
Trac ticket system. We encourage every project to start personalizing
their own wiki entry ? add photographs, presentations, links to your
web sites, and whatever you like.

3. In the Works

There?s a lot going on with GENI, and we expect to send out a few
interesting announcements in the coming months about increasing
industrial participation, a fresh web site, and perhaps an accelerated
roll-out of "GENI-enabled" campuses. Stay tuned.

As always, we very much appreciate your suggestions on what we could
be doing better. We?ll do our best to improve.

Cheers, and all the best for 2009 --

-- Chip

Chip Elliott
GENI Project Director