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GENI news (Jan 2009): Spiral 1 integration information

Spiral 1 integration information pages are now available on the GENI


Note that the project milestone links on the main project pages point
to  longer descriptions of milestones, as well as delivery dates,
which are useful for planning joint activities.

We are now using tickets to track interesting developments and issues
on integration-related topics, as well as on project milestones.  (See
the "View Tickets" link in the upper right corner wiki links.  The "by
milestone" ticket reports allow you to see what tickets are associated
directly with your project.

If you find a problem with a wiki page, please let the PI for the page
and geni-ops@geni.net know so we can address it and keep the
information here as current and useful as possible.  Or, if you have a
GENI working group mailing list name/password, you can log in and
correct the information yourself.

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