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GENI news (Feb 2009): Solicitation 2 - bring us your best ideas!

GENI Friends and Developers:

The GENI Project Office is delighted to issue Solicitation 2
for GENI design, analysis, and prototyping efforts:


* Proposals are due at 5 PM EST, February 20, 2009.

* Both new and current participants are invited to respond.

* We encourage you to review the solicitation, form teams, and submit

The model we are using is unchanged: these are engineering development
subcontracts (not research awards) issued by the GPO to academic-industrial
teams to perform design, prototyping, and analysis. These projects will reduce
design risk through rapid implementation and provide primitive systems that
can be used by early-adopter researchers. Preference will be given to projects
capable of rapid integration and trial operations.

We are soliciting proposals on the following topics. We also welcome
other novel ideas that advance GENI's planning and prototyping.

- Security architecture and requirements

- Experiment workflow tools and systems

- Instrumentation and measurement tools and systems

- Early experiments that exercise and validate the GENI design

- Additional aggregates that substantially improve GENI's research utility

- Early federation with industry and international counterparts

- Augmentation of existing clearinghouse and integration efforts

The community is now several months into the first prototyping
spiral. We advise proposers to consider how their work will integrate
with parts of GENI that are under development.  Proposers should study
the existing Spiral 1 projects -- the data plane and control frameworks
in particular -- and state clearly how any proposed work will integrate
into the evolving GENI infrastructure suite.

Proposals will be judged by the degree to which they reduce risk,
address the solicited topics, and provide value to the overall project.
Large proposals will undergo peer review by an external panel;
all selections will be made by the GPO. See the solicitation
for details.

The GPO is glad to discuss any proposals with the PIs before
submission. Specifically, those developers who may be unfamiliar
with existing GENI projects are encouraged to contact us so we can
help you understand the existing efforts. Please send mail to me
<celliott@bbn.com > or Aaron Falk <falk@bbn.com> if you have questions.

GENI planning takes a second, major step forward with this solicitation.
Twenty-nine teams are now creating many essential parts of GENI.
But much more remains to be designed and -- critically important --
prototyped, integrated, and tried out in the very first experiments.

Bring us your best ideas and help make GENI a success!

Cheers, and happy holidays from the GPO,

-- Chip

Chip Elliott
GENI Project Director

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