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Technical Program of NetArch 2009 on Internet, its history and future: March 16-20, 2009, in Monte Verita, Ascona, Switzerland

              Call for Position Papers and Participation
                        NETARCH 2009 Symposium
                          March 16-20, 2009
                  Monte Verita, Ascona, Switzerland

This year marks the 40th anniversary of RFC 1, the first of the famous
line  of documents  that  today represents  the  specification of  the
Internet. The  phenomenal success of the Internet  has been concurrent
with many other architectural proposals made during this time. Not all
of  them  could  be  sufficiently  explored,  for  various  pragmatic,
technological,  or economic reasons.   But many  of the  problems they
were intended to address persist today, and many believe that a "clean
slate" approach is necessary.  A prerequisite, however, is to consider
carefully  the  experience of  the  last 40  years  and  sort out  the
timeless principles from the historical accidents.

NetArch 2009 brings together experts and researchers for that specific
purpose.  The  event is built around keynote  presentations by experts
on  key topics such  as naming,  virtualization, and  why technologies
fail;  they   will  be   interleaved  with  discussion   sessions  and
counterpoint talks, both forward- and backward-looking.  The symposium
will take  place at Monte  Verita (literally, "Mountain of  Truth") in
Ascona, Switzerland. Insights from the symposium will be collected and
published in book form as a lasting record.

Keynote speakers  include Jon Crowcroft, Van Jacobson,  Raj Jain, Paul
Mockapetris, Craig  Partridge, Guru  Parulkar, Jonathan M.  Smith, and
Martha Steenstrup.

Space is  limited. However, we have room  for additional participants.
Interested researchers  are asked  to submit a  brief (max  two pages)
position paper to  <netarch2009@unibas.ch>, stating their viewpoint or
relevant  research  result to  be  contributed.   Submissions will  be
evaluated as they are received, so apply early.

Important dates:
   * Submission deadline:  25 February 2009
   * Notification:  1 March 2009

Organizing Committee:
C. Jelger (UniBasel), M.May (Thomson), B. Plattner (ETH Zurich),
C. Tschudin (UniBasel), K. Calvert (U. Kentucky)