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Investment in KAREN pays dividends

Investment in KAREN pays dividends

A world-first report commissioned by REANNZ shows that the return on
dedicated high-speed networks are estimated to be $200-220m a year.

  KAREN Economic Value report

We released an independent report today proving the return on investment
in KAREN. In releasing the report, Donald Clark said the nature of the
benefits found by the study into KAREN would also be found in broader
networks contemplated by the Government.

Key findings in the report:

    * $200-220m in economic activity is generated by KAREN every year

    * $140-160m of this are benefits to businesses and the wider
      community through accelerated ICT uptake


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  The case for NRENs

TERENA recently released a report of its own on the value of advanced
networks, 'Making the case for NRENs'. This document draws together
evidence and arguments supporting Europe's national research and
education networks (NRENs) and the 'special status' that they enjoy in
many countries.

TERENA makes the case for NRENs