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First International Conference on Future Information Networks , October 14-17, 2009, Beijing, China

First International Conference on Future Information Networks
October 14-17, 2009, Beijing, China
Homepage: http://conference.bjtu.edu.cn/.

Organized by Beijing Jiaotong University and Chinese Institute of
Technically sponsored by IEEE
In the past few decades, the Internet has made remarkably success.
However, its architecture is losing its original simplicity and
transparency, due to the emergence of new classes of applications,
operational and management requirements, business models, security
mechanisms and scalability enablers give rise to point solutions that
extend the architecture without regard to the original design principles.
While these mechanisms are necessary for Internet operation under
current economical, technical and social conditions, their combination
has significantly increased the complexity of the Internet and reduced
the potential for incremental evolution of the Internet architecture. As
a result, several substantial Future Internet initiatives have started
in Europe, the US and Asia, and the vendor and network operator
communities are also actively discussing the limitations of the current
Internet architecture as well as its potential evolution.
This conference will discuss what the real underlying problems are with
the Internet and how we might fix them, so that the architectural
simplicity and clarity of the Internet can be regained and retained for
another 30+ years.
This conference solicits original, high-quality papers that analyze, and
discuss ideas for a new Internet architecture, including specific
improvements to current Internet protocols, especially at the
internetworking, transport and application layers, new internetworking
components that integrate into the existing architecture and ideas for
clean-slate internetworking architectures.

You are invited to submit papers related to the current and future
Internet architecture including, but not limited to, the following areas:
2                   Basic principles for future Internet design
2                   New Internet architecture for pervasive service
2                   New Internet protocols
2                   New routing architectures
2                   Delay and disruption tolerant networks
2                   Future Internet architecture, including peer-to-peer
and overlay architectures
2                   Internet measurement and modeling
2                   Internet naming and addressing
2                   Manageable future Internet design
2                   Measurements and analysis that characterize the real
architectural limitations
2                   Multimedia networking, including new resource
allocation and QoS provisioning mechanisms
2                    Networked systems applications and services
2                   Requirements for interworking between the future and
the existing Internet
2                   Secure future Internet design
2                   Cognitive radio networks and its integration with
the future Internet
2                   Wireless and mobile Internet
2                   3G and beyond 3G communication systems,including ad
hoc, sensors networks and their integration with the future Internet
2                   Autonomic and dependable communications
Submissions should include a title, an abstract, up to five key words,
the e-mail address of the corresponding author and must not exceed 5
pages, including tables and figures, with PDF, PostScript, or MSWord
format. Submission of a paper should be regarded as an undertaking that,
should the paper be accepted, at least one of the authors will register
and attend the conference to present the work. Submission and format
instructions are available on the website: http://conference.bjtu.edu.cn

Publication and Indexing:
All submissions will be reviewed by the TPC and selected experts.
Accepted papers will be appeared in the conference proceedings published
by IEEE Xplore electronically as well as in hard copy, and be indexed by
EI (pending). Selected papers will be published in special issues of
Chinese Journal of Electronics (SCIE indexed) or ACTA ELECTRONICA SINICA
(EI indexed).

Important dates:
Paper Submission due:             15th April, 2009
Acceptance notification:           15th July, 2009
Camera-ready due:                  15th August, 2009
Conference:                             14th-17th October, 2009
Steering Committee
Douglas Earl Comer                 Cisco
Chunming Qiao                        University of New York at Buffalo
Hequan Wu                             Chinese Academy of Engineering
Jichuan Wu                              Chinese Institute of Electronics

Internatonal Advisory Board
Jon Crowcroft                          University Cambridge
Bijan Jabbari                            Geroge Mason University
Andrzej Jajszczyk                     UGH
Lemin Li                                   UESTC
Biswanath Mukherjee               UC Davis
Satish Tripathi                           University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Tomonori       Aoyama              Keio University/NICT

Honorary Chair
Jichuan Wu                 Chinese Institute of Electronics

General Chairs
Hequan Wu                               Chinese Academy of Engineering

Secretary General
Rulin Liu                   Chinese Institute of Electronics

Executive Secretary General
Runhua Lin               Chinese Institute of Electronics             China

Technical Program Chairs
Edward J. Coyle                        Georgia Institute of Technology
Sy-Yen Kuo                              National Taiwan University
Hongke Zhang                           Beijing Jiaotong University
Moshe Zukerman                      City University of Hong Kong
                    Hong Kong

Technical Program Vice-Chairs
Han-Chieh Chao                       National Ilan University
Hongbin Luo                             Beijing Jiaotong University
Deyun Gao                               Beijing Jiaotong University

Publication Chairs
Kaihong Dong                           Chinese Institute of Electronics
Hongbin Luo                             Beijing Jiaotong University

Local Arrangement Chair
Wenting Lian                             Chinese Institute of
Electronics                           China

Finance Chair
Runhua Lin                                Chinese Institute of
Electronics                           China
Wenting Lian                             Chinese Institute of
Electronics                           China

Hongwei Huo                            Beijing Jiaotong University

TPC members (please visit http://conference.bjtu.edu.cn).

Hongbin Luo Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Electronics and Information Engineering
Beijing JiaoTong University (BJTU)
Beijing 100044, China
Tel: 86-10-51684274
Fax: 86-10-51684026
Homepage: http://iplab.bjtu.edu.cn/~hbluo