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SIMUTools 2009. March 2-6, 2009 - Rome (Italy)

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                 +++++++ SIMUTools  2009 +++++++

Second International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques

                 March 2-6, 2009 - Rome (Italy)

                ++ Sponsored by ICST/CREATE-NET ++
   In technical cooperation with ACM SIGSIM, SIGMETRICS, SCS, INRIA

SIMUTools 2009 is the Second International Conference on Simulation Tools
and Techniques. The aim of the conference is to bring academic and industry
researchers together with practitioners (from both the simulation community
and from the numerous simulation user communities). The conference will
address current and future trends in simulation techniques, models and
practices, and foster interdisciplinary collaborative research in this area.
While the main focus of the conference is on simulation tools, the
program also includes broader theoretical and practical research


Session: Network Emulation
+ S. Kristiansen and T. Plagemann. ns-2 Distributed Clients
  Emulation: Accuracy and Scalability
+ J. V. Quaglio, T. Gunji and C. M. Hirata. Extending NCTUns
  simulator to support Mobile Networks
+ A. M. Mukwevho, G. van der Poll and R. Jolliffe. A Virtual
  Integrated Network Emulator on XEN (viNEX)

Session: Simulation of Security Systems
+ F. Miranda, C. Sarraute, J. Orlicki and A. Futoransky.
  Simulating Cyber-Attacks for Fun and Profit
+ B. Barry. Intrusion Detection with OMNeT++
+ K. Channakeshava, D. Chafekar, K. Bisset, A. Vullikanti and
  M. Marathe. EpiNet: A Simulation Framework to Study the Spread
  of Malware in Wireless Networks

Session: Wireless Mesh Networks
+ C. H. Liu, S. Grilli Colombo, E. Liu, A. Gkelias
  and G. Paltenghi. Efficient Cross-Layer Simulator for
  Performance Evaluation of Wireless Mesh Networks
+ C. Cicconetti, I. F. Akyildiz and L. Lenzini. WiMsh: A Simple
  and Efficient Tool for Simulating IEEE 802.16 Wireless Mesh
  Networks in ns-2
+ G. Urueta, C. Thraves, M. Solarski and P. Vidales. MetroSim: A
  Planning Tool for Metropolitan WiFi Networks
+ B. Milic and M. Malek. NPART - Node Placement Algorithm for
  Realistic Topologies in Wireless Multihop Network Simulation

Session: Modeling
+ A. Heindl and G. Pokam. Modeling Software Transactional Memory
  with AnyLogic
+ M. Poudel, F. M.G. França and F. Mora-Camino. Modelling of
  Aircraft Emergency Evacuation:
+ C. BouSaba, A. Esterline, G. Koty and F. eh Fatehi. Hierarchical
  Simulation of Niger River
+ D. Urbani and M. Delhom. Hybrid MAS GIS Mediterranean Backcountry
  Tourism Economy Modeling Methodology

Session: Advanced Topics in Simulation
+ P. Velho and A. Legrand. Accuracy Study and Improvement of
  Network Simulation in the SimGrid Framework
+ R. Ewald, A. Uhrmacher and K. Saha. Data Mining for Simulation
  Algorithm Selection
+ S. Braithwaite and R. Addie. ECOOSE: An Echo Cancellation Object
  Oriented Simulation Environment

Session: Simulation of Radio Systems
+ A. Pillekeit and B. Müller-Clostermann. A Simulation Framework
  for the Evaluation of Scenarios and Algorithms for Common Radio
  Resource Management
+ B. Cristea. Turbo receivers with IT++
+ J. Dzikowski and C. Hood. An Agent-Based Simulation Framework
  for Cognitive Radio Studies

Session: Parallel and Distributed Simulation
+ S. Hammond, G. Mudalige, J. Smith and S. Jarvis. WARPP - A Tool
  Kit for Simulating High-Performance Parallel Scientific Codes
+ G. D'Angelo and S. Ferretti. Simulation of Scale-Free Networks
+ D. Gianni, A. D'Ambrogio and G. Iazeolla. DisSimJADE: A framework
  for the development of Agent-based Distributed Simulation Systems
+ C. Bouras, E. Giannaka and T. Tsiatsos. A Framework Model for DVEs
  using SIMUL8

Session: Techniques and Methodologies
+ S. Wijaya and A. Cantoni. A Java Simulation Tool for Fixed-Point
  System Design
+ J. M. Dembele and C. Cambier. Improving Lagrangian methods. Toward
  an agent-particle based method
+ J. C. Strelen. Tools for Dependent Simulation Input with Copulas
+ D. Lages, A. Xavier and N. Maculan. NLPToolbox: An Open-Source
  Nonlinear Programming Tool

Session Wireless Sensor Networks
+ A. Kacso and R. Wismüller. A simulation framework for energy-aware
  routing in wireless sensor networks
+ P. Wightman and M. Labrador. Atarraya: A Simulation Tool to Teach
  and Research Topology Control Algorithms for Wireless Sensor
+ J. Eriksson, F. Ã?sterlind, T. Voigt, A. Dunkels, N. Finne,
  N. Tsiftes, R. Sauter and P. J. Marrón. COOJA/MSPSim:
  Interoperability Testing for Wireless Sensor Networks
+ P. Pagano, F. Piga, G. Li pari and Y. Liang. Visual tracking
  using Sensor Networks

Session: Simulation of Hardware
+ H. Hajabdolali, S. Taheri, M. Sirjani and R. Khosravi. Modeling
  Networking Issues of Network-on-Chip: a Coloured Petri Nets Approach
+ D. Tutsch and M. malek. Comparison of Network-on-Chip Topologies
  for Multicore Systems Considering Multicast and Local Traffic
+ R. Kassem, M. Briday, J.-L. Béchennec, G. Savaton and Y. Trinquet.
  Instruction Set Simulator Generation Using HARMLESS, a New Hardware
  Architecture Description Language
+ S. Sonntag and W. Wang. Area and Power Consumption Estimations at
  System Level with SystemQ 2.0

Session: Wireless Networks
+ J. Farooq and T. Turletti. An IEEE 802.16 WiMAX Module for the
  NS-3 Simulator
+ S. Filiposka, D. Trajanov and M. Vuckovik. Performances of
  Clustered Ad Hoc Networks on 3D Terrains
+ A. Sayenko, O. Alanen, H. Martikainen, V. Tykhomyrov, A. Puchko
  and T. Hamalainen. WINSE: WiMAX NS-2 Extension
+ E. Kafetzakis, K. Kontovasilis and L. Sarakis. A Distributed
  Simulator Coordination Platform and its Application for Integrating
  an IEEE 802.11 Effective Capacity-based Admission Control Algorithm

Session: Simulator Usability
+ M. Bertoli, G. Casale and G. Serazzi. User-Friendly Approach to
  Capacity Planning Studies with Java Modelling Tools
+ L. Felipe Perrone, C. Cicconetti, G. Stea and B. Ward. On the
  Automation of Computer Network Simulators
+ K. Kahn and H. Noble. The Modelling4All Project - A web-based
  modelling tool embedded in Web 2.0
+ W, Grassmann. When, and when not to Use Warm-up Periods in Discrete
  Event Simulation

Session: Networking and Protocols
+ D. Ferreira, L. Lima and J. Barros. NECO: NEtwork COding Simulator
+ P. Medagliani, G. Ferrari, G. Germi and F. Cappelletti.
  Simulation-assisted Analysis and Design of STP-based Networks
+ K. Nowak and S. Kaczmarek. A Simulation Tool for Traffic
  Engineering Methods and QoS Evaluation of MPLS Networks
+ A. Keränen, J. Ott and T. Kärkkainen. The ONE Simulator for DTN
  Protocol Evaluation

Session: Discrete Event Systems
+ E. O'Neill, D. Lewis and O. Conlan. A Simulation-based Approach
  to Highly Iterative Prototyping of Ubiquitous Computing Systems
+ P.-A. Bisgambiglia, E. de Gentili, P. Bisgambiglia and
  J.-F. Santucci. Fuzz-iDEVS: Towards a fuzzy toolbox for discrete
  event systems
+ M. Amoretti, M. Agosti and F. Zanichelli. DEUS: a Discrete Event
  Universal Simulator
+ H. Sarjoughian and V. Elamvazhuthi. CoSMoS: A Visual Environment
  for Component-Based Modeling, Experimental Design, and Simulation
  (invited paper)

Session: Simulation of P2P systems
+ W. Galuba, K. Aberer, Z. Despotovic and W. Kellerer. ProtoPeer:
  A P2P Toolkit Bridging the Gap Between Simulation and Live
+ Y. Sakai, A. Hiromori, H. Yamaguchi, K. El-Fakih and T. Higashino.
  An Integrated Tool for Development of Overlay Services

Session: Graphics Hardware
+ D. Strippgen and K. Nagel. Using common graphics hardware for
  multi-agent simulation with CUDA
+ H. Wan, X. Gao and Z. Wang. Cache Simulator based on GPU Acceleration


+ R. Buchmann, M. Cartron and Y. Bonhomme. Transaction-based
  Modeling for Large Scale Simulations of Heterogeneous Systems
+ O. Bertrand, P. Carle and C. Choppy. Modelling chronicle
  recognition for distributed simulation processing with coloured
  Petri nets
+ C. Joumaa, L. Moalic, L. Sid and A. Caminada. A Simulation Based
  Mobility Models Comparative Study
+ B. Wang, J. Himmelspach, R. Ewald, Y. Yao and A. M. Uhrmacher.
  An Experimental Analysis Environment for Logical Process
  Simulation Algorithms
+ E. Pecchia, D. Erman and A. Popescu. Simulation and Analysis of
  a Combined Mobility Model with Obstacles
+ E. M. D. Marques, R. A. S. A. Plácido and P. N. M. Sampaio.
  Providing a Graphical User Interface for ns-2 with Visual Network
+ D. Ishii, K. Ueda and H. Hosobe. Simulation of Hybrid Systems
  based on Hierarchical Interval Constraints
+ R. Canonico, P. Di Gennaro, G. Ventre. NEPTUNE - Network Emulation
  for Protocol Tuning and Evaluation
+ K. Holman, J. Kuzub, M. Moallemi and G. Wainer. Cable-Anchor
  Robot Implementation using Embedded CD++
+ P. Castonguay, T. Pendergast and G. Wainer. Tools for DEVS
  Modeling, Simulation and 3D Visualization
+ J. Ribault, F. Peix, J. Monteiro and O. Dalle. OSA: an
  Integration Platform for Component-Based Simulation