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[geni-announce] CFP: Grid vs Cloud Computing and Why This Should Concern the Optical Networking Community

CFP: Grid vs Cloud Computing and Why This Should Concern the Optical Networking Community

Dear Colleagues,

This is invite you to attend the upcoming workshop at OFC/NFOEC (see
the world's largest and leading conference on optical communications and
networking, to be held next week in San Diego Convention Center.

Here's the latest info on the workshop. Feel free to distribute to your
colleagues and hope to see you there.

*Workshop Title: *
Grid vs Cloud Computing and Why This Should Concern the Optical
Networking Community

Time and Place: Monday March 23, 2009, 8 to 11am, Room 6E at  the San
Diego Convention Center

Organizers: Chunming Qiao¹, Dimitra Simeonidou², Bill St. Arnaud³, Peter
Tomsu4; ¹SUNY at Buffalo, USA, ²Univ. of Essex, UK, ³Canarie Inc.,
Canada, 4Cisco Systems Ltd., USA.

Recently, there has been a lot of interests in Cloud, Grid and Utility
computing and their influence in shaping the future network
infrastructure. While Grid Computing is geared mainly towards scientific
users and Grids, both Cloud and Utility computing are for enterprises.
The common point for both approaches is their reliance on high speed
optical networks to provide advanced and flexibly reconfigurable
infrastructure. Optical network researchers are facing  big challenges
in delivering the necessary technologies for supporting Cloud, Grid and
Utility computing services. Such technologies and services will change
the Internet in much the same way as distributed and parallel computing
has changed the computation and cyber-infrastructure today. The workshop
will discuss various Cloud, Grid and Utility Computing approaches and
will present the challenges (research and implementation) for our community.



    Clouds and Optical Networks, Bill St. Arnaud, CANARIE Inc., Canada

    Challenges in Enabling Cloud Computing over Optical Networks, Piero
    Castoldi, Barbara, Martini, Fabio  Baroncelli, Scuola Superiore
    Sant'Anna Univ. Italy

    Challenges in Enabling Grid Computing over Optical Networks, Cees de
    Laat, Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Virtualizing and scheduling network resource for emerging IT
    services: the CARRIOCAS approach, Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet (INRIA)
    & Dominique Verchère (Alcatel Lucent BellLabs)

    Energy / cost beneifts of cloud computing, Rodney Tucker, U.
    Melbourne, Australia

    Opportunities  in Optical Grid and Clouding Computing, Chunming
    Qiao, SUNY Buffalo, USA

    Panel discussion and Q&A