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Trends of Next Generation Network (NGN) and Its Issues (a lecture on Wednesday 18 November 2009)

*NZ North & South Communications Chapter Lecture *

*Title:*         Trends of Next Generation Network (NGN) and Its Issues

*Speaker:*   Prof. Dr. Koichi Asatani
                     IEEE ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer
*Venue:*      University of Canterbury
              Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering
              Room A309 (ECE Building, Level 3 Lecture Theatre)

*Date:*       Wednesday 18 November 2009
*Time:*        Light refreshments served from 5:00 pm
                  Lecture begins at 5:30 pm

*Venue:*      Room WE230, AUT University City Campus
(Paid Parking available at Wilson parking on St Paul Street)
*           *
*Date:*           Friday 27 November 2009
*Time:          * 11:00 am


Next Generation Network (NGN) is designed to be capable of QoS
management and controls like in traditional telecommunication networks
and to support economical, versatile multi-media applications like those
on the current Internet. NGN also provides fixed-mobile convergence
(FMC) with generalized mobility, and horizontal and vertical roaming as
well as improved security.

The concepts and architecture of the Next Generation Networks (NGN) are
described. NGN voice and Internet services are attractive from the view
points of service flexibility and cost effectiveness and the capability
of integrating third-party applications with high dependability and high
security. The current status of NGN implementation in a commercial offer
by NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) is touched upon.

Issues for the global evolution of NGN are also described, such as
technical key issues, global standards and regulations.


Professor Koichi Asatani received his B.E.E.E., M.E.E.E. and Ph. D
degrees from Kyoto University in 1969, 1971 and 1974, respectively. From
1974 to 1997, Dr. Asatani was engaged in R&D on optical fiber
communication systems, hi-definition video transmission systems, FTTH,
ISDN, B-ISDN, ATM networks, IP networks and their strategic planning in
NTT. Currently he is Dean, Department of Computer Science and
Communications Engineering, Kogakuin University, and a visiting
professor, Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication,
Waseda University, both in Tokyo, Japan. He is a Fellow of IEEE and a
Fellow of IEICE. He was appointed as a distinguished lecturer of IEEE
Com Soc for 2007-2009.

He is a founder of Communications QoS, Reliability and Performance
Modeling series symposium at ICCs and Globecoms.  He served as co-chair
for this symposium series at ICCs and Globecoms for 2002-2004.  He is
Ex-Chair and Advisory Board Ex-Chair Emeritus of IEEE Technical
Committee on Communication Quality and Reliability (CQR-TC), Feature
Editor on Standards (1993-1999), Senior Technical Editor/Technical
Editor (1999- ) of IEEE Communications Magazine, and Technical Editor on
Broadband Technology of IEEE Communications Survey. From 1988 through
2000, he served as Vice-Chairman of ITU-T SG 13 (formerly CCITT SG
XVIII), responsible for digital networks including GII, IP networks and
NGN.  He is serving as Chair for National Committee on Next Generation
Networks in Japan, and also as Chair, R&D and Standardizations Working
Group, Next Generation IP Network Promotion Forum.

He has published more than fifty papers, and gave more than seventy
talks including keynotes and invited talks at international conferences
such as ICCs and Globecoms. He is author or co-author of eighteen books
including "Designs of Telecommunication Networks"(IEICE, 1993, in
Japanese), "Introductions to ATM Networks and B-ISDN)" (John Wiley and
Sons, 1997), "Multimedia Communications Networks - Technologies and
Services" (Artech House, 1998), "Multimedia Communications" (Academic
Press, 2001), "Information and Communication Technology and Standards"
(Denki Tsushin Shinko Kyokai, in Japanese, 2006), "Introduction to
Information Networks-Fundamentals of Telecom & Internet Convergence,
QoS, VoIP and NGN-" (Corona-sha Publishing Inc., in Japanese, 2007). His
current interests are Information Networks and Network Architectures
including Broadband networking, Internetworking, IP telephony, NGN and
their QoS aspects.

*CHRISTCHURCH:   Professor Harsha Sirisena
harsha.sirisena@canterbury.ac.nz  (03) 366 7001*
*AUCKLAND:   Professor Adnan Al-Anbuky
adnan.anbuky@aut.ac.nz    (09) 921 9836 *