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FYI: from GENI experimental networking facility

Dear GENI colleagues,

Happy New Year!

I am delighted to report that GEC 6 in Salt Lake City, Utah, was well
attended with over 200 attendees. The number of demos grew to 20, our
largest number yet, with academic-industrial research teams
successfully demonstrating most of the critical technologies required
for implementing GENI, including end-to-end layer 2 network topologies
across the United States.

Live demos in the GENI plenary session showed the first glimpse of
upcoming ?meso-scale? prototypes that will be built out and integrated
across more than a dozen US campuses in Spiral 2, including
demonstrations of OpenFlow and WiMAX network technologies with the
PlanetLab and ProtoGENI control frameworks.

* Live demonstrations of critical GENI technologies

 From Fall 2008 to now, the GPO has funded a wide array of
academic-industrial teams to build and integrate prototypes with
national backbones provided by Internet2 and National LambdaRail. Many
of these projects gave successful demos at GEC 6.

A wide range of programmable substrates showed aspects of slicing and
virtualization including prototypes of two programmable routers, four
wireless networks (including two sensor networks), two networks of
programmable residential nodes, and two high-speed optical networks.
Additionally, three workflow tools projects presented experiment
design and management tools.

Bottom line: we are well on track to a very rapid meso-scale buildout
across the United States.

* Working Groups

At GEC 6, we also kicked-off new working groups for supporting Spiral
2 goals: experiments, plus instrumentation, integration,
inter-operability and identity management. Working group meetings were
well attended.

The new working groups and chairs are:

* Campus/Operations, Management, Integration, and Security Working
Group led by Jim Williams, Ivan Seskar, and Ron Hutchins, Chairs

* Experiment Workflow and Services Working Group led by Jim Griffioen
and Jeannie Albrecht, Chairs

* Control Framework Working Group led by Rob Ricci and Jeff Chase, Chairs

* Instrumentation & Measurement Working Group led by Paul Barford and
Bruce Maggs, Chairs

I?d like to take this opportunity to again thank our previous chairs
for all their efforts during their terms. We really appreciate the hard work.

Looking forward

To the GENI developer community: hearty congratulations! Excellent
work!  Keep up the momentum and start integrating. We are looking
forward to seeing you at GEC7 and hearing more about your progress and
latest developments.

To the networking research community: we are looking for tolerant,
early experimenters to try to use these prototypes for research and
give feedback to the developers.  We are reaching out to experimenters
to determine their respective requirements and then identify the GENI
resources required for support of their experiments and to identify
key technology gaps. Contact Mark Berman for more information.

This is an exciting time as GENI rapidly starts to take shape across
the United States. A year ago it was primarily discussion ? now it?s
starting to get real!

If you want to join in, please contact the GPO. We?d be delighted to
welcome you into the community.


Chip Elliott
GENI Project Director