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CFP: ITC-22, Amsterdam; submission deadline extended to February 6

Paper submission deadline extended to February 6!



                   22nd International Teletraffic Congress

                              September 7-9, 2010
                          Amsterdam, The Netherlands

        *** Paper registration deadline (extended): February 1, 2010 ***
            *** Submission deadline (extended): February 6, 2010 ***


ITC provides a venue for researchers interested in understanding and
improving the way traffic is handled in communication networks. The
rapid evolution of these networks, driven by the proliferation of
broadband applications, mobility, new usage models and advances in
technology, raises a critical need for continuous reappraisal of traffic
management procedures and mechanisms.

In parallel with the effort to improve network efficiency and
performance, there is major activity worldwide on the design of new
architectural principles and concepts for future networks. How will
technological innovations and content-centric networking impact our
ability to control traffic flows?  What architectural elements and
business models are needed to meet user expectations for service quality
and reliability in a cost-effective way?


ITC-22 solicits submission of papers with original contributions
relating to traffic and performance issues in computer networks and
communication systems.  While technical correctness is an obvious
requirement, it is not sufficient, and ITC-22 in particular welcomes
contributions that address novel issues, pioneer disruptive paradigms,
or propose innovative models and techniques. Specific topics of interest
include, but are not limited to:

Network technologies and paradigms
  - Cognitive radio networking
  - Content delivery and storage networks
  - Delay-tolerant and opportunistic networking
  - Future Internet design
  - IP/MPLS/Carrier Ethernet networks
  - Multi-carrier networks
  - Optical networks
  - Sensor networks
  - UMTS, WiFi, WiMax and LTE networks
  - Wireless adhoc and mesh networks

Network planning, QoS and associated performance issues
  - Capacity planning methods and tools
  - Planning for multi-carrier networks
  - Performance and reliability tradeoffs
  - Robustness and reliability issues
  - Web-based applications
  - Network design methods
  - Performance of wireless/wired networks
  - Pricing and billing
  - Business models for QoS
  - SLA monitoring

Traffic management and measurement
  - Admission control
  - Application traffic management
  - Dynamic bandwidth management
  - Intelligent adaptive routing
  - Location and mobility management
  - Multi-domain issues
  - Network tomography, traffic matrices
  - Overload and congestion control
  - Protection, switching and restoration
  - Traffic and performance monitoring

Services & applications
  - Application layer networks and overlays
  - Virtualization
  - Distributed, grid and cloud computing
  - Efficient content delivery technologies
  - Internet of Things
  - IPTV, WebTV
  - P2P and distributed lookup
  - Social networks
  - Tele-medicine, -education, -metry
  - Web-services and SOA

Models and techniques
  - Cross-layer design and optimization
  - Game-theoretic models
  - Self-optimization approaches
  - Performance models for voice, video, data and P2P applications
  - Random graph models
  - Resource allocation and management
  - Scheduling algorithms
  - Simulation methods and tools

Security-related issues
  - Anomaly detection
  - Detection of DoS attacks
  - Attack mitigation methods
  - Epidemiological models
  - Worm and virus propagation
  - Privacy and trust


All accepted contributions will appear as full papers in the conference
proceedings with oral presentations. In order to guarantee the high
visibility of the conference, the proceedings will be available through
IEEE Xplore. ITC offers two prestigious awards: a General Best Paper
Award and a Best Student Paper Award.  For a paper to be eligible in the
latter category, the student must be first author and presenter of the
work.  Please check the ITC-22 website for further details.

   Hans van den Berg  (TNO & University of Twente)
   Rob van der Mei  (CWI & VU University Amsterdam)

   Sem Borst (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs & TU Eindhoven)
   Michel Mandjes (University of Amsterdam)
   Mark Squillante (IBM Research)

Samuli Aalto (TKK), Sara Alouf (INRIA), Eitan Altman (INRIA), Hayriye
Ayhan (Georgia Tech), Ragnar Andreassen (Telenor), Ake Arvidsson
(Ericsson), Nick Bambos (Stanford), Giuseppe Bianchi (Univ Roma Tor
Vergata), Ernst Biersack (Eurecom), Thomas Bonald (Orange Labs), Richard
Boucherie (Univ of Twente), Claudio Casetti (Politecnico di Torino),
Joachim Charzinski (Nokia-Siemens), Florin Ciucu (Deutsche Telekom), Jon
Crowcroft (Univ of Cambridge), Costas Courcoubetis (Athens Univ of
Economics & Business), Nelson Da Fonseca (Univ of Campinas), Hermann De
Meer (Univ Passau), Gustavo De Veciana (Univ of Texas Austin), Danny De
Vleeschauwer (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs), Olivier Dousse (Nokia
Research), Bob Doverspike (AT&T Research), Constantinos Dovrolis
(Georgia Tech), Doug Down (McMaster Univ), Nick Duffield (AT&T
Research), Ken Duffy (Hamilton Institute), Anthony Ephremides (Univ
Maryland College Park), Serge Fdida (LIP6 Univ Pierre & Marie Curie),
Anja Feldmann (TU Berlin), Markus Fiedler (Blekinge Institute of
Technology), Ayalvadi Ganesh (Univ of Bristol), Richard Gibbens (Univ of
Cambridge), Fabrice Guillemin (Orange Labs), Boudewijn Haverkort (Univ
of Twente), Andrzej Jajszczyk (AGH Univ of Science & Technology), Mikael
Johansson (KTH), Matthieu Jonckheere (Eindhoven Univ Technology), Gunnar
Karlsson (KTH), Daniel Kofman (ENST), Tony Krzesinski (Univ of
Stellenbosch), Anurag Kumar (Isc Bangalore), Amund Kvalbein (Simula),
T.V. Lakshman (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs), Douglas Leith (Hamilton
Institute), Remco Litjens (TNO-ICT), Nelly Litvak (Univ of Twente), Zhen
Liu (Nokia Research), Steven Low (CalTech), Yingdong Lu (IBM Research),
John Lui (Chinese Univ Hong Kong), Peter Marbach (Univ of Toronto),
Laurent Massoulie (Thomson Research),  Martin May (Thomson Research),
Ravi Mazumdar (Univ of Waterloo), Michael Menth (Univ of Wuerzburg),
Michela Meo (Politechnico di Torino), Vishal Misra (Columbia Univ),
Debasis Mitra (Alcatel-Lucent Bell-Labs), Eytan Modiano (MIT), Petar
Momcilovic (Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor), Ilkka Norros (VTT), Rudesindo
Nunez-Queija (Univ of Amsterdam), Andrew Odlyzko (Univ of Minnesota),
Philippe Olivier (Orange Labs),  Joerg Ott (TKK), Philippe Owezarski
(CNRS), Alexandre Proutiere (Microsoft Research), Jacques Resing
(Eindhoven Univ Technology), Fabio Ricciato (FTW), Philippe Robert
(INRIA), Jim Roberts (INRIA), Frank Roijers (TNO-ICT), Iraj Saniee
(Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs), Werner Scheinhardt (Univ of Twente), Mayank
Sharma (IBM Research), Nahum Shimkin (Technion), Evgenia Smirni (College
of William & Mary), R. Srikant (Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champaign),
Tetsuya Takine (Osaka Univ), Patrick Thiran (EPFL), Phuoc Tran-Gia (Univ
of Wuerzburg), Bruno Tuffin (INRIA), Kurt Tutschku (Univ Wien), Benny
Van Houdt (Univ Antwerpen), Piet Van Mieghem (Delft Univ of Technology),
Milan Vojnovic (Microsoft Research), Chih-Chun Wang (Purdue Univ), Adam
Wierman (CalTech), Damon Wischik (Univ College London), Jun Xu (Georgia
Tech), Assaf Zeevi (Columbia Univ), Zhi-Li Zhang (Univ of Minnesota),
Bert Zwart (CWI)

   Prosper Chemouil, Chairman, Orange Labs, France
   Phuoc Tran-Gia, Vice-Chairman, Wuerzburg University, Germany
   Ulf Körner, Treasurer, Lund University, Sweden
   Hans Van den Berg, Secretary, TNO and Twente University, The Netherlands
   Deep Medhi, Liaison, University of Missouri - Kansas City, United States
   Paul J. Kühn, Emeritus Chairman, University of Stuttgart, Germany
   David Everitt, NICTA, Australia
   Luigi Fratta, Politecnico University of Milano, Italy
   Oscar Gonzalez-Soto, Consultant, Spain
   Villy Baek Iversen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
   Peter Key, MicroSoft Research, UK
   Xiongjian Liang, Beijing Univ. of Post & Telecommunications, China
   Hiroshi Saito, NTT, Japan
   Jim Yan, Carleton University, Canada

   Paper registration deadline:    February 1, 2010  (extended!)
   Submission deadline:            February 6, 2010  (extended!)
   Acceptance notification:        April 16, 2010
   Final version:                  May 14, 2010
   Conference:                     September 7-9, 2010

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