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FYI: New network map for KAREN

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Subject: 	New network map for KAREN
Date: 	Fri, 12 Mar 2010 09:28:16 +1300
From: 	Vicki Lindsay <karen@silverstripe.com>
To: 	krys.pawlikowski@canterbury.ac.nz

New network map for KAREN

We're stoked to reveal the new network map graphic for KAREN. This
graphic includes links currently under development that will extend the
reach of KAREN across NZ.

  Extending the reach of KAREN

Progress is well underway to expand KAREN's footprint across the country
through the creation of new PoPs (Points of Presence) and regional spurs.

Most of the dotted lines should turn solid around the middle of the year
as the investments in connecting more ITPs are worked through.
Development work will grow the number of PoPs from 16 to 23 by June this
year, and will extend our reach to Whangarei and Invercargill. (The
1Gbps connectivity to Warkworth and Tekapo is imminent).

New KAREN network map <http://www.karen.net.nz/topology/>

You can see live traffic flows over the network at the KAREN weather map