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FYI: Are You On KAREN tester released

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Subject: 	Are You On KAREN tester released
Date: 	Wed, 05 May 2010 14:00:00 +1200
From: 	Vicki Lindsay <karen@silverstripe.com>

Are You On KAREN tester released

Want to find out whether you can use KAREN from your desktop computer?
Use our new KAREN tester to find out.

  Are You On KAREN tester

We've developed a new tool that will help you use KAREN. The Are You On
KAREN tester uses a simple web page to tell you whether you can access
KAREN from your desktop computer. Desktop access makes everyday
collaboration with colleagues and access to digital resources simple and

This tool works by making use of different firewall rules which only
allow access from KAREN and not from the commodity Internet. Thank you
to those members who provided feedback on this tool, and a special
thanks to Tony Bigby from Kristin School for his suggestions.

  Reaching resources over KAREN

The Are You On KAREN tester is the first step. Next is finding out who
and what you can reach over KAREN, both in New Zealand and across the
world. The University of Otago's KAREN tester can help you find out.

  More information

KAREN access tools <http://www.karen.net.nz/get-started/>