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Final version of minutes of the meeting of PlanetLab NZ group held on Friday, May 14, 2010

Minutes of the PlanetLab NZ group meeting (Friday, 14 May 2010)

Present: Krys, Joff,  Mofassir

Apologies: Asad, William

0. Minutes of the previous meeting (of April 30, 2010) have been accepted.

1. the current situation with PlanetLab NZ:

1.1 Our PlanetLab site has been equipped by two new machines:
PlanetLab3.canterbury and PlanetLab3.canterbury
Two computers for AUT have been received by AUT last Thursday.

1.2 *Joff* will monitor the situation at AUT, and will keep pressure on the AUT team by asking them to have their site fully operational still in May. AUT should be also informed about a relatively slow process of having the associated paperwork done.

2. Maintenance of PlanetLab NZ site:

2.1 *Joff* is trying to keep the information on our website up-to-date.
Identified out-of-date information (un-installment notes) will be updated soon by *Joff* (and *Mofassir* if needed).

2.2 Reports from conferences attended with PlanetLab NZ funding need to be written by *Harsha*, *Krys* and *Asad*. Then, they will be archived by *Joff* in "Research Projects, Publications, and Conference Reports"

3. Report and surveys

3.1 Manual on accessing Planetlab from Windows has been drafted by Mofassir. The latest draft will be sent by *Mofassir* to *Joff* for corrections/comments. After Joff's corrections, the manual will be archived on PlanetLab NZ website.

3.2 *Mofassir* will incorporate his survey with Huan &William's one , as well as with survey of mobile testbeds (to be provided by *Sayan*) in one technical report. The draft will be sent to *Joff* and *Krys* for comments/corrections. Next, it will be archived by *Krys* in our department as a technical report, and on PlanetLab NZ site by *Joff*. This task should be finalized by mid June.

4. Publicity of PlanetLab NZ project by Waikato:
*Krys* to send appropriate material to Tony McGregor

5. Other business

There was a number of additional matters discussed:

5.1 Visit from REANNZ at Canterbury.
Jace Carson (UC Research and Innovation) informed us about the expected
visit by Chris Litten, Member Engagement Manager, REANNZ, on 1 June. As requested by Jace, *Mofassir* with *Joff* will send Krys a draft of a paragraph about our applications of KAREN and PlanetLab NZ. Then, *Krys* will send this information to Jace and inform him that on June 1 our group can be represented by *Mofassir* and *Joff*.

5.2. The 3rd PlanetLab NZ Workshop on "Next Generation Networks
and Future Internet: Research and Experimentation*" ?
We will try to organize such an event as a workshop or at least a special session during ATNAC'2010 (in Auckland, 31 Oct - 03 Nov.).
Within next couple days  *Mofassir* and *Joff* will produce a draft of
a call for papers, and then Krys will discuss this event with ATNAC'2010

5.3  ATNAC'2010
*Mofassir* and *Asad* are working on papers to be submitted for this conference. The current deadline is May 31.

5.4 Additional funding
Krys has submitted an application to REANNZ for funding Mofassir's participation in the Future Internet Symposium (FIS 2010), to be held in Berlin, 20-22 Sept 2010. The decision is expected with next few weeks

5.5 Progress report for REANNZ
*Krys* will urgently write an additional progress report requested by REANNZ


Next meeting:  Friday, May 28, at 12.00 in CSSE in  room 315