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[geni-announce] Plastic Slices final report

As some of you already know, GENI has been doing operational testing of some of our mesoscale infrastructure as part of a project called Plastic Slices. The summary from the final report follows, along with a high-level diagram of resources used for the project. You can read the full report at http://groups.geni.net/geni/wiki/PlasticSlices/FinalReport or in the attached .pdf file.

Thanks to Josh Smift of the GPO, and many dedicated operators, software developers, and researchers from GENI sites who helped complete this important evaluation!

"This project ran ten GENI slices continuously over a period of three months, in a nationwide infrastructure that included eight campuses, in order to gain experience managing and operating production-quality GENI resources, and to discover and record issues that early experimenters likely would encounter. We conclude that meso-scale GENI is generally ready for operations with more experimenters, that GENI software is mostly ready to use in a production-quality environment, that GENI experiments are somewhat isolated from each other, and that GENI is easy to use initially but more challenging to use for complex experiments. All of these areas need continuing improvement, and we make suggestions for ways to do that. The report also includes more details about the environment, experiments, baselines, and tools we used, and further discussion of some of the results which highlight ways in which GENI is a unique research environment."

A diagram of one of the core VLANs in the current meso-scale GENI deployment: