Research Projects

Current PlanetLab NZ research projects.

Project Name: Distribution of Akaroa2 over PlanetLab
Participants: Greg Ewing, Krys Pawlikowski, Farzana Yasmeen, Don McNickle
Project Name: Testbeds for Large-scale P2P Systems
Participants: Adam Chang, Krys Pawlikowski, Harsha Sirisena
Project Name: IPv6 Testbeds in Wired or Wireless Networks
Participants: Yuxuan Tim Hong, Krys Pawlikowski, Harsha Sirisena
Project Name: VoIP: Measurements of End-to-End Quality of Experience on PlanetLab
Participants: William Liu, Krys Pawlikowski, Harsha Sirisena

Technical Reports and Publications

Technical reports and publications related to the PlanetLab NZ project.

  1. Mofassir Haque,Krzysztof Pawlikowski. Step by Step Guide for Using PlanetLab (860KB PDF)
  2. Mofassir Haque,Krzysztof Pawlikowski. Step by Step Guide for Using Akaroa 2 on Planet Lab (168KB PDF)
  3. Mofassir Haque,Krzysztof Pawlikowski. Program for Copying Information on Multiple PlanetLab Nodes (69.2KB PDF)
  4. Farzana Yasmeen. PlanetLab:Canterbury User Manual. October 2008. (1.2M PDF)
  5. Farzana Yasmeen, Greg Ewing, Krzysztof Pawlikowski and Shigeki Yamada. Distributing Akaroa2 on PlanetLab. Proceedings of IEICE General Conference, Matsuyama City, Japan, March 17-20, 2009. (59K PDF)

Conference Reports

  1. Report from the 15th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC 2009, in Shanghai, China, 8th-10th October 2009) by William Liu
  2. Report from the TRIDENTCOM 2010 / Workshop on Stochastic Processes (TRIDENTCOM 2010,in Berlin, Germany, Workshop on Stochastic Processes, in Edinburgh, UK) by Muhammad Asad Arfeen
  3. Report from the 10th Würzburg Workshop on IP:Joint ITG, ITC, and Euro-NF Workshop"Visions of Future Generation Networks"(EuroView 2010,in Wurzburg, Germany, 2nd-4th August 2010) by Mofassir Ul Haque