Proceedings from the PlanetLab NZ Workshop, December 2008

Here are a set of presentations from the PlanetLab NZ Workshop & Panel Discussion on "KAREN, PlanetLab NZ and Research on NGN/NGI" on 4 December 2008 in Dunedin. It was held in conjunction with PDCAT 2008.

  1. Introduction: Karen, PlanetLab NZ and Research on NGN/NGI.
    (K. Pawlikowski, University of Canterbury).
  2. From an international perspective:
    1. Global Experimental Testbeds for Studying Future Internet Technologies
      (Max Ott, NICTA, Australia)
    2. G-Lab: A Future Generation Internet Research Lab
      (Thomas Zinner, University of Wuerzburg, Germany)
  3. From a New Zealand perspective:
    1. AUT SeNSE Research Activities
      (Adnan Al-Anbuky, AUT, Auckland)
    2. PlanetLab Auckland
      (Brian Carpenter , University of Auckland)
    3. PlaNetLab Options from Massey University
      (Richard Harris, Massey University)
    4. PDCAT Panel: PlanetLab Panel
      (Peter Komisarczuk, University of Victoria)
    5. Emulation Network Overview
      (Tony McGregor, University of Waikato)
    6. Research in Networking at University of Canterbury and Experimental Networking Facilities in Japan
      (Harsha Sirisena, University of Canterbury)